The Middle East region in culture, style, taste, in sweeteners, manufacturers focus on a variety of innovative products that gives satisfaction to consumers. However, consumers in the Middle East are becoming more conscious about food safety and therefore most manufacturers are now focusing on quality and hygiene as well as keeping a sustainable business, hence, the need for the right food ingredients for their valuable products. Operating from the Al Kharj facility, 120km South of Riyadh, MEFSCO deploys world-class automation and controls managed by highly competent and vibrant professionals. To further reinforce its leadership position in the manufacturing of high-quality products. The facility manufactures Corn Starch, Glucose syrup, Fructose Syrup, and Glucose-Fructose syrup for customers within the Middle East market.





Our mission is to support food security for Saudi Arabia and the region in a sustainable way by providing a variety of food ingredients solutions.





” The Straight Way”

 We have committed ourselves to conduct all our dealings with honesty, decency and professionalism.


“Students of the Business”

We open to change and see problems as opportunities and learn from one another.



We treat those around us justly regardless of race, gender and religion. we provide equal opportunities for all.



We are accountable for our own actions. It is our obligation to preserve our environment, the resources we use and the communities we serve.




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